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    Mount Olimpus

    The DOG Training Center 

    Our mission is to help develop enjoyable relationships with dogs
    and the people who own them. 

    Trained dogs are easier to live with and more fun to have. 

    As one of the first professional dog training schools in 
    the Cyprus, we focus on:

    Providing practical and effective programs that make dog training easy and enjoyable. 
    Teaching effective methods that create immediate results.
    Using plenty of praise and positive reinforcement.

    For further information please call 22 445300

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    Mount Olympus Kennel

    Our kennels are of the highest standard and have been designed to ensure your pet's holiday is enjoyable and comfortable to provide comfort day and night, winter or summer.

    Guests enjoy the privacy of their own suite with an individual run which leads onto a large grassed area for playtime and exercise.  All doggies have individual attention and handling during their playtimes to reassure them that they are special and loved.

    Many of the littlies love to play together, with your permission, and it is a great time for socialising and interaction, but if your pet prefers time on their own we totally understand. 

    All doggies are fed a light breakfast and main meal in the evening as they would be at home. Meals are prepared in our Motel kitchen and served in stainless steel bowls. All bowls are washed after meals and water bowls cleaned and refilled daily with fresh water.

    To assist in keeping a high standard of cleanliness and having contented guests everyone goes outdoors after dinner for a little play and toilet break before getting cosy and bedding down for the night.

    We are only too happy to adjust meals at your request, or give any medication or special foods provided by you. Adminstering of medication is subject to a small surcharge, as is owner supplied food.

    Vaccinations are vital and we are unable to accept any pet without sighting a current vaccination certificate.  Canine C5 vaccination certificate.

    For further information please call 22 445300.

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    We believe that every pet deserves the best, which is why we have a groomer that understand the care required for all types of dogs and cats.

    We use only high quality products and pay special attention to nervous animals.

    At Superpets Grooming Salon we believe it is necessary to hold a consultation with owner and pooch/feline  a few minutes before the appointment. This helps obtain the best results. Our Grooming parlour can facilitate both small and large breeds of dogs and cats.

    You know your little star is worthy of the pampering.

    More the merrier discount

    At Superpets Grooming Salon we understand that sending more than one dog to the groomers can become costly so we have introduced a Membership Grooming Card which costs you only 20 euro annually and u are entitled to a 50% discount off the total cost for wash or full grooming services.

    Appointment cancellation policy

    We are sure you will appreciate that every appointment made is allocated a time slot tailored to your dogs specific needs. This is why we ask that you and your dog arrive promptly for appointments and collections. We also ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice prior to appointment cancellations.

    A Standard grooming/pampering Session includes:

    • Bathing with specially formulated shampoo.
    • Mini massage, helps ease and relax tired, elderly and nervous dogs.
    • Coat conditioning.
    • Hand drying (no cages or drying cabinets are used)
    • Full grooming to assist with the natural shedding of your dogs coat.
    • Eye cleaning/whitening.
    • Ear cleaning/plucking.
    • Nail clipping.
    • Hair (coat) cut is in the style of your choice.  

    For further information regarding price charges please call 22 445300

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    TRAVELORAMA is your animal transportation professional. Relocating birds, cats, dogs and other small animals is a more technical service than you think so. We specialize in arranging animal freight / animal cargo and provide for your pets travel safety from airport to airport.

    We will arrange all neccessary documentation to be completed for the entire animal freight/animal cargo process from start to finish.

    For further information call 22 445300